Dip ‘n’ Wipe

Features :

• Truly versatile 2-in-1 solution for disinfecting and drying your footwear.

• Compact and light weight design ideal for low/moderate foot traffic areas.

• Sanitizing mat containing rubber bristles or fabric pad insert encourages cleaning of footwear whilst trapping dirt.

• The sanitizing mat component holds anti-germ detergent or any liquid solution for hygienic cleaning.

• These disinfectant mats have excellent resistance to the strongest disinfecting agents.

• The super absorbent wiping fabric pad insert comes with the mat and helps dry footwear conveniently.

• Customizable due to interlocking design.

• Rubber stud mats come in two sizes.

• The fabric pad insert of the wipe mat comes in two colors: grey and brown.

• NR compound has great mechanical properties, as well as excellent flexibility and aging properties.

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Contamination Control Mats

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Dry, Wet

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Environment: Dry & Wet

Industry: Entrance Ways, Commercial Setting & Residential Setting

Customization: Sanitizing Component, Material Composition, Labelling, Color of Fabric Insert

Available Size: Stud Mat – Large: 2’ x 2.11’ (60cm x 64cm) , Stud Mat – Small: 2’ x 1.5’ (60cm x 45.5cm) , Fabric Dip/ Wipe Mat: 2’ x 1.74’ (60cm x 53cm)

Available Thickness: Stud Mat – Large: 25mm , Stud Mat – Small: 25mm , Fabric Dip/ Wipe Mat: 17.5mm

Available Finish: Fingertips, High Walls & Fabric Surface

Material Composition: Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber

Standards Complied with: REACH, RoHS, Cal Prop 65

Methods of Installation: Interlocking, Laying

Product Category Mats
Mats Application Contamination Control Mats
Environment Dry, Wet