Ballistic Rubber Blocks

Features :

• Ballistic rubber blocks prevent ricochets of bullets as well as absorb back splatter and shrapnel bounce-back.

• Ideal for ensuring safety and protection in environments where live rounds are being fired.

• Designed to be effective against munitions up to 7.62 caliber.

• Natural rubber base gives this product a highly shock absorbent quality.

• Ballistic rubber has self-healing properties, which increases the number of shots that can be fired at a block.

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Military, Fire Resistant Mats

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Environment: Dry

Industry: Shooting Ranges, Military, Sports, and Recreation

Customization: Labeling

Available Size: 2’ x 2’ (61cm +/- 0.5cm x 61cm +/- 0.5cm), 3’ x 3’ (91.5cm +/- 0.5cm x 91.5cm +/- 0.5cm)

Available Thickness: 25mm +/- 5mm

Available Finish: Smooth Impression

Material Composition: NR

Standards Complied with: REACH, RoHS, Cal Prop 65

Product Category Sheets
Type of sheets NR Sheets
Sheet applications Shot Blast Rubber
Environment Dry