We are over 46 years strong! This is a testament to our consistency, reliability, and ability to deliver high quality rubber products and solutions to our loyal customer base. We stand by our products and take responsibility for everything that we do.

Innovation and customization

Our R&D team is dedicated to improving our products and developing new ones. We work closely with our customers to ensure the products we supply meet their specific requirements, be it technical specifications, customized branding, or customized packaging.

Customer service

Our customers always come first. We try our best to respond to all the queries and concerns in a timely manner and solve any issues on an urgent basis. Our loyal and long-standing customer base is ample evidence of our superior customer service.

Timely delivery

Delays in the supply chain can lead to many issues such as material shortages, increase in shipping costs and customer complaints. We understand the importance of on time delivery and strive to provide products to our customers when they want it.

Wide product range

Microcells offers a wide range of over 100 rubber products which are tried and tested to meet our customers’ varying needs. We maintain stocks to be able to swiftly meet customer requirements. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we will be happy to develop a tailor-made product that satisfies your requirements.


We understand the importance of quality control in ensuring our products meet the standards required and expected by our customers each and every time. We take the quality of our rubber mats and sheeting products very seriously and our in-house quality assurance team ensures that our products are monitored and assessed throughout the production process.