Comfort Lock ESD Mat

Features :

• Antistatic flooring prevents the accumulation of static electricity by instantaneously draining the electro-static charges from workers while its special design prevents dangerous sparks in volatile work environments.

• Resilient and load bearing characteristics of these antistatic mats offer excellent anti-fatigue features for prolonged standing in the workplace.

• Diamond checkered plate design specially engineered for excellent grip.

• Jig-saw puzzle ends and centers to create long runners.

• Will not zip apart while in use but can easily be unlocked as needed.

• Colors to give visibility and safety.

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Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Mats

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Environment: Dry

Industry: Circuit Manufacture, Sensitive Electrical Applications

Customization: Labeling, Material Composition

Available Size: 28″ x 31″ (71cm x 79cm)

Available Thickness: 13mm (1.3cm)

Available Finish: Smooth tile with diamond design Material Composition: Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber

Standards Complied with: REACH, RoHS

Methods of Installation: Interlocking, Laying

Product Category Mats
Mats Application ESD Mats
Environment Dry