In 1978, a small rubber products manufacturing company started operations with a few employees and a burning desire to become a leading manufacturer of rubber mats. Microcells was thus born, its name embodying the molecular nature of the polymers used as raw material, as well as the eternal pursuit to improve and innovate by looking into detail at the micro level.

From inception, Microcells was always focused on quality and consistency, and the acceptance our rubber flooring products first received from the American and European markets was a clear indication of this. Most of these initial clients are still supplied by us today and have been joined by many new customers from all parts of the world catering to a variety of diverse industries. Today we have a loyal customer base exceeding 80 customers in over 20 countries around the world.

In its 20th year of operation, Microcells was conferred as a Sri Lanka Board of Investments (BOI) approved company. The BOI approval was a significant milestone in our story, as not only did it provide Microcells with state recognition, but it also offered a variety of tax and other incentives which enabled Microcells to be more competitive in the global marketplace. Microcells is proud of its contribution towards the rubber industry in Sri Lanka and in 2001, it was awarded the Bronze Award at the Export Awards presented by the National Chamber of Exports Sri Lanka. Microcells went on to receive eight more such awards in recognition of its excellence and contribution to the export sector.

Adaptability and change are key aspects to continued evolution, and Microcells recognized the need to diversify its product range to ensure future growth. Having understood the potential in the technical rubber sheeting industry, the company invested in its first Rotocure line in 2008 and diversified its product offering to include rubber sheeting products as well. The Berstorff Rotocure line manufactured in Germany was a first of its kind in Sri Lanka, making Microcells a pioneer in this segment. Over the years with its stringent focus on quality and integrity, Microcells was able to consolidate its position as the largest exporter of technical rubber sheeting from Sri Lanka.

Heralding a new era of growth in 2018, Microcells was acquired by Eastern Merchants PLC group, a family owned company which is currently the leading exporter of natural rubber from Sri Lanka. The new multi-disciplinary management team with its mix of deep experience and dynamism looks to the future with much optimism. Its key focus lies in strengthening customer relationships through continuous innovation, development and excellence in service and delivery of its products.

Microcells employs around 170 staff and has its factory and office complex situated in the South of the commercial capital, Colombo. Proud of its past, Microcells looks towards a bright future of continued growth and evolution.

Our Journey

  • 1978
  • 1999
  • 2001
  • 2008
  • 2017
  • 2018


Microcells is founded by entrepreneur Anil Wickremeratne with its factory being set up in the outskirts of Colombo.

1999 - BOI Approval

Microcells becomes a Company approved and certified by the Board of Investments of Sri Lanka. As a BOI Company Microcells enjoys special tax- and duty-free concessions

2001 - Awards and Recognition

Microcells wins the Bronze Award at the award ceremony of the National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka. This is the first of eight such awards received by Microcells for excellence in the export sector.

2008 - New Sheeting Products

Understanding the potential for technical rubber sheeting products, Microcells invests in its first Rotocure line manufactured in Germany, which is also the first of its kind in Sri Lanka.

2017 - Broad International Market

Microcells is Sri Lanka's largest exporter of technical rubber sheeting products. Exports to a broad international market spanning some 20 countries

2018 - Acquired by Eastern Merchants PLC

Given the many synergies and the potential of Microcells as a business, it is acquired by the family-owned Eastern Merchants PLC group, the largest exporter of natural rubber from Sri Lanka. Proud of its past, Microcells looks towards a bright future of continued growth and evolution under the new management