The New Autoclavable Anti-fatigue Mat: Comfort in Sterile Environments

We at Microcells are happy to introduce to you our new autoclavable anti-fatigue rubber mat with antimicrobial properties. These contamination control mats provide comfort to those standing for extended periods of time in sterile environments, such as hospitals, operating theatres and laboratories.

Our product successfully passed the ISO 7218:2007 Amd 1:2013 (Clause 5.6.2) autoclave sterilization protocol, which put our mat through 52 autoclave cycles (each cycle lasting 20 minutes) at 121°C or 250°F. The prolonged exposure to such high temperatures ensures that all harmful pathogens are eliminated. Our mat successfully withstood the multiple autoclave cycles with no surface deformations, and also retained its anti-fatigue properties.

This contamination control mat is specially formulated with a NBR/SBR blend, making it moderately resistant to chemical spillage, oils and solvents. On top of the autoclavable properties, the mat also complies with the ASTM G21 antimicrobial standard, making this mat ideal for use in sterile environments where contamination control is paramount.

With the prevalence of COVID-19, the autoclavable mat can be considered an absolute necessity in critical care environments that have stringent hygiene sensitive flooring requirements.

Please feel free to reach out to us, if you want to learn more about our autoclavable anti-fatigue rubber mat.