New Certifications for Antimicrobial and Electrical Insulation Products

Microcells is pleased to announce that we have just gained ASTM G21 and ASTM D178 certifications for our rubber mat and sheeting product lines!

ASTM G21 is an antimicrobial standard which basically determines the resistance of our polymer based products to fungal growth. The tests for this standard exposes the polymer products (in this case our rubber flooring products) to a wide variety of microbial species, ranging from common environmental fungi to agricultural pathogens. After long term exposure, a rating score from 0 to 4 is given based on the amount of microbial growth on the material, and we are extremely happy that the Microcells product was qualified for the highest possible score of 0! This indicates that there was absolutely no microbial growth detected on our products.

Our ASTM G21 certified products can be used in any industry or application that needs to minimize negative impacts stemming from microbial growth, such as contamination and discoloration risks, adverse health effects caused by fungal contact/inhalation, and damage to critical components due to microbial growth.

When it comes to electrical safety, using electrical insulation material is essential to protect people from getting electrocuted. It is easy to forget about this basic requirement, until it is too late. The Microcells switchboard matting and electrical insulation sheet range had already been certified for the IEC 61111 International standard, but we are now certified for the ASTM D178 as well!

Under ASTM D178, the electrical insulation flooring is classified under two categories, namely Type I and Type II. Type I is classified as products that are “properly vulcanized” that have electrical insulation properties. In addition to the electrical insulation properties in Type I, Type II products have one or more of the following special properties: (A) ozone resistance; (B) flame resistance; and (C) oil resistance. The Microcells products adhere to the more stringent Type II requirements and have all three special properties mentioned above, with resistance to ozone, flame and oil!

Apart from being Type II ASTM D178 certified and having excellent electrical insulation properties, our electrical insulation products have low moisture absorbency as well as good mechanical and aging features. It is truly a very versatile product and can even be used as a “Multi-functional” sheet in most industrial settings.

By adding the ASTM G21 and ASTM D178 to its growing list of certifications, Microcells has increased its appeal and marketability in the contamination control and electrical insulating material product segments. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to learn more about these certifications or need any help in fulfilling your compliance requirements.