Solid Top ESD Mat

  • These antistatic mats prevent the accumulation of static electricity by instantaneously draining the electro-static charges from workers while its special design prevents dangerous sparks in volatile work environments.
  • Resilient and load bearing characteristics of the mat offers excellent anti-fatigue features for prolonged standing in the workplace.
  • Unique back design specially engineered to give cushioning effect and no-trip safety.
  • Hidden interlocking connections to provide coverage of any desired length and size.
  • Connectable, no-trip beveled safety edges.

Environment: Dry
Industry: Circuit Manufacture, Sensitive Electrical Applications
Customization: Labeling, Material Composition, Colour Borders
Available Size: 3′ x 3′ (91cm x 91cm)
Available Thickness: 17mm (1.7cm)
Available Finish:  Embossed, Solid Surface
Material Composition: Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber
Standards Complied with: REACH, RoHS, Cal Prop 65
Methods of Installation: Interlocking, Laying, Connectors

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