BBQ Mat – Fine Ribbed

  • This highly heat resistant/proof mat safeguards your deck, patio, or garage floor from embers or hot coals.
  • Our BBQ Mat has exceptional oil and skid resistance, and has a ribbed surface compatible with any modern BBQ grill or smoker.
  • This protective mat stays safely in place under the grill to collect any spills and splatters.
  • Can be used outdoors, however it is advisable to avoid direct sunlight.
  • Easy to roll up for compact storage.
  • Can simply clean by rinsing with soap and water to remove any debris.

Environment: Dry, Wet & Oily
Industry: Industrial Kitchens, Restaurants, Recreation
Customization: Length, Labeling
Available Size: 0.9m to 1.2m
Available Thickness: 4mm – 5.5mm
Available Finish: Ribbed
Material Composition: Synthetic rubber
Standards Complied with: REACH, RoHS, Cal Prop 65

Product Category


Sheet applications

Oil Resistant Non-slip Flooring

Type of sheets

NBR Sheets


Dry, Oily, Wet


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