Vip Top Deck

General wet areas, Industrial premises, behind bars.

Solid Top

Long-work standing places, Cold places to keep feet warm

Boot Dip Mat

Farms, laboratory entrances, hygiene food entrances.

Comfort Lock

Ship decks, warehouses, long standing counters.

Fingertip Mat

Shopping Mall, Resturants and Decks.

K Octagonal Mat

Ski Slopes , Golf tec areas & Industrial areas

D Honeycomb Mat

Swimming Pools, Snowy Outdoors, Busy Pedestrains

Scraper Mat -Open

Heavy traffic entrances, Production areas, Farms

Grit Mat

Wet and greasy environments, ship decks, snowy outdoors

Gym Mat

Specially created to be used on Gym floors

Machine Washable Fab

Kitchens, Wet areas, Outdoor areas

Chair Mat - Key Hole

Executive Chairs, Floor protector, Stress reliever

Chair Mat - Executive

Executive Chairs, Floor protector, Stress reliever

Fire Resistant Mat

Fire hazardous areas, Oil industries, Inflammable areas

Cutting Fluid Resistant

Restaurants, Heavy industrials, Maintenance rooms

Weld Mat

Welding stations

Food Grade

Food preparation areas, commercial kitchens, Dairy factories

Anti Microbial Mat

Hospitals, Food Processing areas, Laboratories

Ozone Mat

Protection from UV rays

Resort Mat

Versatile, Multi purpose

Mining Mat

Heavy meterial unloading,stacking area , Machine shop,Mining and factory hallway.


Sensitive Electrical Application, Circuit manufacturing

Electrical mat

Power Plants, Workshops, Sub-Stations

Diamond mat

Industrial Areas, Machine Areas, Restaurants, Bars

Mud Chuckers

mobile entrance mat for workers who toil in muddy areas, entrance mat in really challenging areas


Trip Prevention

Racing Track Mat

Racing tracks, Bicycle tracks

Stable Mat

Horse Stables, Farms, Heavy Material unloading/ Storing Areas

Channel Mat

Farm, Poultry Pen, Pig Pen, Horse Stable, Trailers

Trailer Mat

Trailers, Poultry Pen, Pig Pen, Horse Stable, Farm

Fry Proof Mat

Fast Food Industry , Kitchen

Supper Fluid Mat

Oil drills, Petroleum refinery, Filling stations, kitchens

Yogaflex Mat

yoga training

Silicone Mat

High Temperature Resistance, Low Weight. Chemically Inert, High Oil-resistance

Low Temperature Mat

Flow covering for cool rooms and deep freezers, Ideal for fishing trawlers and boats, available in food grade as well

Work Zone Mat

A Versatile mat, Ideal for kitchen applications, available in Nitrile for heavy oil applications

Scraper Mat-Close

Ideal dirt scraper