High quality rubber sheeting and flooring solutions manufacturer committed to providing exceptional customer service.
Microcells is a premium rubber sheeting and flooring manufacturer based in Sri Lanka. As a customer centric organisation, Microcells focuses on ensuring customer satisfaction by providing tailor made high quality solutions for its global client base. Its 40 long years in the industry is a testament to its commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation and quality.
Years of Experience in the industry
Happy Customers across 20 countries around the world
Metric Tons of Rubber matting products exported on average each year
Square Meters of Rubber sheeting products exported on average each year
Application of Our Products
Why Choose Microcells?


We are 40 years strong! This is testament to our consistency and reliability. We stand by our products and our customers. Acceptance our products first received from the American and European markets is a clear indication of our commitment .

Innovation and customization

Our R&D team is dedicated to improving our products and developing new products. We work closely with our customers to ensure the products we supply meet their specific requirements, be it technical specifications, customized branding or customized packaging.

Customer service

Our customers always come first. We try our best to respond to all the queries and concerns in a timely manner and solve any issues on an urgent basis. Our loyal and long standing customer base is a solid evidence of our superior customer service.

Timely delivery

We are happy to manage your inventory for you if you need it. Additionally we assure you we will deliver your goods on time right to your door step if required.

Wide product range

We offer a wide range of products which are tried and tested to meet our customers varying needs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for we will be happy to custom make it for you.


We take the quality of our products very seriously and we are also proud of the multiple industry certifications we have managed to obtain so far.
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Safety Environment
Our products which are manufactured to stringent quality standards ensure you and your workforce remain safe and comfortable while improving productivity.
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We are conscious of the impact any manufacturing industry has on the environment and the communities around it. In an effort to minimize our environmental foot print we use recycled rubber in our production process whenever possible. All the natural rubber used in our production process is sourced from small holder farmers thereby uplifting rural communities and livelihoods.
Email: marketing@microcells.net
Support: +94766947416
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